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Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff has been awarded the Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award at the 49th CMOS Congress,Whistler BC, June 3, 2015.  The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award is granted for excellence of a publication in the fields of meteorology or oceanography.  The award was gven for her co-authored paper entitled: Viscosity of α-pinene secondary organic material and implications for particle growth and reactivity by Renbaum-Wolff, Grayson, Bateman, Kuwata, Selliers, Murray, Shilling, Martin, and Bertram in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 2013, 110(20); 8014-8019. CMOS / SCMO Awards are normally for achievements in the calendar year prior to the congress year and are designated as awards for that previous year.