"Automated hyper/multi-spectral image analysis tool," J.A. Conant, and K.D. Annen, Proc. SPIE 4381, 150-153 (2001).

Hyperspectral and multispectral imagery provide a powerful remote sensing tool. In applications for which the image is produced by gaseous emission, analysis of the image to obtain the concentration and temperature of the gas flow is difficult and computationally intensive. We have developed a solution to this analysis problem using a physics-based scene model coupled with an automatic solver, a nonlinear optimization algorithm. The image set is modeled using a parameterized description of the gaseous flowfield and a three-dimensional spectral gas radiance model. The solver algorithm generates a trial flowfield and runs the radiance model, iteratively varying the flow parameters until an optimum match is obtained between measured and modeled images. An example analysis is shown using multispectral images of a microgravity flame.