"PMO: The multispectral materials-based pattern design optimizer," F.J. Iannarilli, F. Bacon et al, Proc. IRIS Symp. on Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception, (1998).

The "Paint Mapping(c) Optimizer" or "PMO" is a computer-aided design tool which determines the optimal assignment of observability control materials from a user-defined multispectral "palette" to an object's (vehicle's) surface elements (i.e., "facets"). PMO enables rapid quantification of trade sensitivities between (visual, non-visual) detectibility suppression, range of scenario variability, material technologies, scheme complexity, and dollar cost. Thus, PMO can determine, in advance of physical construction, the payoff of employing various collections of material properties, and guide the downselection of unpromising technology concepts. More fundamentally, PMO can address and quantify central "hide & seek" issues, e.g., the ascendancy of hyperspectral imaging relative to feasible CC&D techniques. PMO is now available for distribution to the DoD community through the Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate.