Aerodyne to attend AGU 2019

Aerodyne Research will attend the annual AGU meeting from 9 – 13 December 2019 in San Francisco. Come visit us at booth #1023!

A bit about AGU:

Aerodyne attended AAAR 2019

Aerodyne attended the  37th AAAR Annual Conference, held October 14-18 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The AAAR Conference provides an outstanding venue for sharing our latest research progress in aerosol science and technology, while networking and re-connecting with colleagues.

DOE highlights Aerodyne soot compaction paper

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility is a multi-laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) scientific user facility, and a key contributor to national and international climate research efforts.

Aerodyne attended EAC 2019

Aerodyne attended the European Aerosol Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden the week of August 26-30. The EAC conferences are traditional meeting places and an exciting discussion forum for scientists from around the world working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics. The topics include nanotechnology, combustion aerosols, chemistry and physics of aerosols, medicine (inhalation, exposure and health), instrumentation, as well as indoor and ambient aerosols.

CIMS User Meeting at NOAA

The Annual CIMS Meeting was hosted this year at NOAA in Boulder, CO (April 15-19) and attended by researchers from institutions and universities around the world. This creative group of researchers inspired new applications and improvements for Aerodyne's chemical ionization instruments.

Aerodyne attended CIAAS 2019

Aerodyne attended the 2019 conference of the China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists (CIAAS 2019), held between March 22-24 in Delhi, India.

Aerodyne Participates in Breathe London Campaign

Aerodyne Research is participating in the Breathe London campaign by providing two monitors for the measurement of nitrogen dioxide, a major pollutant produced by diesel engines.  The fast response-CAPS NO2 monitors can measure concentrations at the sub-ppb level with 1-2 second time response and provide an accurate set of measurements compared with the traditional chemiluminescence-based monitors.

ISIAQ Webinar - New Instrumentation/Monitoring Techniques for Faster Knowledge

ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) is presenting a webinar on “New instrumentation/monitoring techniques for faster knowledge” of indoor air quality on Wednesday Feb 13, 9-10am Eastern Standard Time.  This webinar will feature Demetrios Pagonis (CU Boulder) presenting "Time-resolved measurements of volatile organic compounds indoors using a VOCUS time-of-flight proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometer" and Clare Fortenberry (Washington University St.

East Boston Air Quality Project

This short video provides an overview of a project being led by Senior Scientist, Eben Cross and a team of exceptional seniors from Olin College. Together Aerodyne and Olin are combining forces to build a proof-of-concept, low-cost AQ sensor network in East Boston and Winthrop, two communities adjacent to Logan International Airport. The team from Olin, co-advised by Professor Scott Hersey is working closely with Dr. Cross to build out a scale-able, end-to-end database architecture to support distributed measurements of local air pollution.

Aerodyne attended ICIW 2019

Aerodyne Research attended the seventh International Clumped Isotope Workshop January 25-28, 2019 on the Queen Mary, Long Beach Harbor, Los Angeles, CA.

Every year and a half, the community of scientists working in the field of ‘clumped isotope’ geochemistry gathers for a workshop to discuss the latest advances in analytical technologies, fundamental chemistry, and applications to problems in the natural sciences.

Aerodyne attended China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists

Aerodyne Research attended the China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists - held March 22-24 2019 at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi India - CIAAS 2019 meeting. The Association is a non-profit organization of the scientists from or working in China and India that conduct researches in air pollution and atmospheric sciences. The union is to promote the connection, communication, and collaboration of atmospheric studies between China and India.