John A. Conant

M.S., Physics, Carnegie-Mellon University

Mr. Conant has studied the prediction and detection of military target and background radiation signatures in the IR, Visible and UV including atmospheric transmission effects. His work includes extensive data analysis and modeling of a variety of military vehicles, including aircraft (fixed-and rotary-wing), cruise missiles, tactical and strategic missiles, ground vehicles, ships, low-altitude and high-altitude exhaust plumes and flames, and highway vehicles. Mr. Conant directed the Aerodyne development of SPIRITS, a detailed, validated first-principles target EO/IR spectral imaging model which is a U.S. Government standard for fixed-wing aircraft. He has led nearly every SPIRITS upgrade project since that time. He has also directed the development of several natural backgrounds models, with applications from space-viewing of the Earth, to detailed low altitude images of field and forest. He has strong interests in spatial and spectral processing for clutter rejection, and target detection and classification. He has contributed to studies on the use of multispectral techniques for detection and identification of missiles for both strategic and tactical missiles. Mr. Conant was for six years an Associate Editor of the journal Optical Engineering. He also co-authored a chapter in the IR/EO Systems Handbook, published by the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM).