Aerodyne to attend AGU 2019

Aerodyne Research will attend the annual AGU meeting from 9 – 13 December 2019 in San Francisco. Come visit us at booth #1023!

A bit about AGU:

Aerodyne attended AAAR 2019

Aerodyne attended the  37th AAAR Annual Conference, held October 14-18 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The AAAR Conference provides an outstanding venue for sharing our latest research progress in aerosol science and technology, while networking and re-connecting with colleagues.

DOE highlights Aerodyne soot compaction paper

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility is a multi-laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) scientific user facility, and a key contributor to national and international climate research efforts.

Aerodyne attended EAC 2019

Aerodyne attended the European Aerosol Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden the week of August 26-30. The EAC conferences are traditional meeting places and an exciting discussion forum for scientists from around the world working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics. The topics include nanotechnology, combustion aerosols, chemistry and physics of aerosols, medicine (inhalation, exposure and health), instrumentation, as well as indoor and ambient aerosols.

CIMS User Meeting at NOAA

The Annual CIMS Meeting was hosted this year at NOAA in Boulder, CO (April 15-19) and attended by researchers from institutions and universities around the world. This creative group of researchers inspired new applications and improvements for Aerodyne's chemical ionization instruments.

Aerodyne attended CIAAS 2019

Aerodyne attended the 2019 conference of the China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists (CIAAS 2019), held between March 22-24 in Delhi, India.

Aerodyne Participates in Breathe London Campaign

Aerodyne Research is participating in the Breathe London campaign by providing two monitors for the measurement of nitrogen dioxide, a major pollutant produced by diesel engines.  The fast response-CAPS NO2 monitors can measure concentrations at the sub-ppb level with 1-2 second time response and provide an accurate set of measurements compared with the traditional chemiluminescence-based monitors.

ISIAQ Webinar - New Instrumentation/Monitoring Techniques for Faster Knowledge

ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) is presenting a webinar on “New instrumentation/monitoring techniques for faster knowledge” of indoor air quality on Wednesday Feb 13, 9-10am Eastern Standard Time.  This webinar will feature Demetrios Pagonis (CU Boulder) presenting "Time-resolved measurements of volatile organic compounds indoors using a VOCUS time-of-flight proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometer" and Clare Fortenberry (Washington University St.

East Boston Air Quality Project

This short video provides an overview of a project being led by Senior Scientist, Eben Cross and a team of exceptional seniors from Olin College. Together Aerodyne and Olin are combining forces to build a proof-of-concept, low-cost AQ sensor network in East Boston and Winthrop, two communities adjacent to Logan International Airport. The team from Olin, co-advised by Professor Scott Hersey is working closely with Dr. Cross to build out a scale-able, end-to-end database architecture to support distributed measurements of local air pollution.

Aerodyne attended ICIW 2019

Aerodyne Research attended the seventh International Clumped Isotope Workshop January 25-28, 2019 on the Queen Mary, Long Beach Harbor, Los Angeles, CA.

Every year and a half, the community of scientists working in the field of ‘clumped isotope’ geochemistry gathers for a workshop to discuss the latest advances in analytical technologies, fundamental chemistry, and applications to problems in the natural sciences.

Aerodyne attended China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists

Aerodyne Research attended the China India Association of Atmospheric Scientists - held March 22-24 2019 at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi India - CIAAS 2019 meeting. The Association is a non-profit organization of the scientists from or working in China and India that conduct researches in air pollution and atmospheric sciences. The union is to promote the connection, communication, and collaboration of atmospheric studies between China and India.

Aerodyne attended AGU 2018

Aerodyne attended AGU 2018 from December 10-14. It was the first Fall Meeting held in Washington, D.C.  It was focused on ethics, diversity and inclusion and exploration of the many dimensions of science’s impact on society.

Aerodyne attended AGU JING

Aerodyne attended the AGU JING 2018 meeting about atmospheric PM2.5 on October 16-20, 2018 in Xi'an, China. The meeting consisted of a series of plenary sessions, regular sessions, and poster sessions. The objective of the meeting was to advance the state of sciences on PM2.5 as well as increase public awareness and knowledge about its diverse applications to important societal issues on the environment, health, energy, materials and other facets of our life.

Aerodyne Research produces first video in series on Air Intuition

This video is the first in a series produced by Eben Cross helping the general public develop their Air Intuition and learn how to avoid air pollution in their day-to-day life.  -  Support provided by the AAAR strategic fund.



Aerodyne Research, Inc. to attend IAC 2018

Aerodyne Research will attend the10th International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2018) to be held September 2-7, 2018 at the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Come visit us at booth 19!

Aerodyne Research Inc. attended Goldschmidt 2018

Aerodyne attended Goldschmidt 2018. Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organized by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry. The Exhibition was open Monday 13th to Thursday 16th August from 10.00 – 19.30, and on Friday 17th August between 10:00 - 14:00 in the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston.

TKK Young Scientist Award Winner

Yele SUN has won a very prestigious TTK Young Scientist Chinese national award for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of chemical properties of atmospheric aerosol and the origin of haze in China.  Dr. SUN is a Thousand Young Talent professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics - Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and uses several Aerodyne instrument technologies to carry out his research.  Congratulations Dr.

Laboratory evaluation of species-dependent relative ionization efficiencies in the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer

Mass concentrations calculated from Aerodyne's aerosol mass spectrometers depend on particle collection efficiency (CE) and relative ionization efficiency (RIE, relative to the primary calibrant ammonium nitrate). We present new laboratory RIE measurements for a wide range of organic aerosol species (RIEOA), with an average RIEOA = 1.6 ± 0.5 that is consistent with most ambient OA except for hydrocarbon-like organic aerosol (HOA) and cooking organic aerosol (COA) where RIEOA = 2 to 7 were obtained.

Aerodyne attended EGU 2018

Aerodyne Research attended the EGU General Assembly 2018 from April 8th through April 13th. EGU brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

Aerodyne measures methane emissions in Gulf of Mexico

The CAEC group (Center for Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry) has just returned from a field mission measuring methane emissions from offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

ARI instruments, SP-AMS and a PAM, help Los Alamos National Labs learn more about the chemical properties of aerosols from fires

Keeping an eye on smokey skies

Los Alamos scientists have spent over a decade investigating airborne particle distribution and properties from fires.
September 12, 2017
Spurred by acquiring a soot-particle time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer and a special reactor for mimicking the photochemistry the particles’ experience as they age in the

AMS and CIMS Users Meetings

ARI recently held two very successful meetings for the users of our CIMS and AMS instruments.  Over 160 people were in attendance at the Chinese AMS users meeting held at Peking University, Beijing, China in May.  In June scientists attended ARI 6th annual ToF-CIMS Users meeting at the Cultural Centre Sofia, Helsinki, Finland.

ARI will attend GGMT-2017

ARI will attend the 9th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques (GGMT-2017) 27-31 August 2017 to be held in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

Aerodyne ToF-CIMS Users Meeting June 2017

On Monday, June 12 through Thursday, June 15, 2017 there will be an Aerodyne ToF-CIMS Users Meeting in Helsinki, Finland. The meeting will be jointly hosted by the University of Helsinki and Aerodyne Research, Inc.

ACS 2017 National Award Recipient Dr. Douglas Worsnop

Aerodyne is pleased to announce that Dr. Douglas Worsnop has won the 2017 American Chemical Society's National Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology. He will be honored at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, in conjunction with the 253rd ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.


Aerodyne will attend EGU 2017

Aerodyne Research will attend the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2017 in Vienna, Austria the week of April 23-28, 2017. 

EGU 2016 Talks and Posters

Dr. David Nelson had a poster on Thursday afternoon entitled “”Ultra High Precision Laser Monitor for Oxygen Eddy Flux Measurements”
BG4.5/AS4.38, Stable Isotopes and novel tracers in biogeochemical and atmospheric research posters, 17:30-19:00 
Dr. Andrew Freedman had a talk on Friday morning entitled “Measurements of Soot Mass Absorption Coefficients from  300 to 660nm” AS3.7/CL2.06, Radiative Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols, Room , F2 9:00-9:15

Chuck Kolb and Cameron Martin brief MA Sixth District Congressman Seth Moulton and his Legislative Aide Margo Brown on the scientific and financial impact of Aerodyne’s advanced atmospheric instrumentation products largely developed with SBIR/STTR funding

Aerodyne Research was one of ten companies invited to participate in the SBIR/STTR Innovation Awareness Day program sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration on December 8th at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill.

ARI announces the acquisition of a next generation mobile laboratory

ARI announces the acquisition of a next generation mobile laboratory.  The newest vehicle in the fleet will expand our deployment payload for the instrumentation to quantify trace gases and aerosol characterization.  We are delighted that this new mobile laboratory has more capability and still has a decent turning radius!

Dr. David Nelson invited to speak at SCIX 2015

David Nelson is invited by the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies to speak on Real Time Isotopic Analysis of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases Using Mid-IR Spectroscopy at SCIX 2015.  SCIX 2015 is being held in Providence RI Sept. 27 - Oct. 2

Dr. Leah Williams treasurer-elect of AAAR

Dr. Leah Williams, principal scientist at Aerodyne, is treasurer-elect of the American Association for Aerosol Science (AAAR). Leah has been an enthusiastic member of AAAR for more than ten years. She served on the Board of Directors from 2012 to 2015, has served on the Education Committee, and been active in the Aerosol Chemistry and Atmospheric Aerosol working groups.

Aerodyne Mass Spectrometer featured

Aerodyne Mass Spectrometer is featured in the American Geophysical Union Blogosphere: GeoSpace, August 13, 2015.  "Scientists track air pollution by meal times" by Leigh Cooper shows the Hong Kong University Science and Technology Group lead by Dr. Chak Chan using our AMS to monitor organic aerosols from cooking.

Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff has been awarded the Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award

Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff has been awarded the Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award at the 49th CMOS Congress,Whistler BC, June 3, 2015.  The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award is granted for excellence of a publication in the fields of meteorology or oceanography.  The award was gven for her co-authored paper entitled: Viscosity of α-pinene secondary organic material and implications for particle growth

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015

Aerodyne Research will be exhibiting at the EGU 2015 in Vienna, Austria, April 12-17 on the Green Level, Booth G11.  Many or us will be in attandance during the conference as well as at the booth - please stop by!

Volunteer aircraft needed for general aviation research.

Aerodyne is studying general aviation engine emissions through the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) at the Transportation Board.  Our Mobile Laboratory is testing emissions from small aircraft with piston or small turbine engines (see video).  Contact Tara Yacovitch, Senior Scientist at

Aerodyne Instruments part of NSF/NCAR Winter Campaign

As part of the Wintertime Investigation of Transport, Emissions, and Reactivity (WINTER 2015) Campaign, three  Aerodyne mass spectrometers are currently aboard the NSF/NCAR C-130 measuring the chemical transformations of air pollution in the winter time.

John Conant named President of the Inter-Society Color Council

John ConantJohn Conant was elected President-Elect of the Inter-Society Color Council in 2012 . John succeeded as President as of January 1, 2015 for a 2-year term.  The ISCC is the principal professional society in the field of color in the United States, encompassing the arts, sciences and industry.

Dr. Doug Worsnop recognized with 2014 Fuchs Award

Awarded the 2014 Fuchs Award - Doug Worsnop, Vice President and Director, Center for Aerosol and  Cloud Chemistry – Busan, Korea, September 1, 2014.  The Fuchs Memorial Award recognizes outstanding original research contributions to the field of aerosol science and technology.

Aerodyne awarded the Department of Energy 2013 SBIR/STTR Small Business of the Year Award

President Dr. Chuck Kolb accepting the award with pride at the 13th annual DOE Small Business Expo. The award recognizes Aerodyne for expanding DOE's high-tech research and development competitiveness critical to our Nation’s economic prosperity.  This is the second time Aerodyne has been recognized as the DOE Small Business of the Year.

Five Aerodyne scientists among top cited 1% by Thomson Reuters

Five Aerodyne scientists are honored to be listed among the top cited 1% of scientific authors from 2002-2012.  Drs. Manjula Canagaratna, John Jayne, Timothy Onasch, Paul Davidovits and Doug Worsnop share the honor of representing some of the world's leading minds according to the Thomson Reuters evaluation of highly cited papers.

Aerodyne authors and their direct collaborators also account for 10% of the top 1% in the area of geosciences.

ARI at EGU 2014

28 April through 2 May, 2014, Vienna, Austria - ARI exhibited at the 2014 meeting of the European Geophysical Union, Vienna, Austria.

Annual CIMS Mtg - 2014

The Annual CIMS Users Meeting was held in the new conference facility at ARI in Billerica, MA, March 18-21, 2014.  Over 40 attendees from institutions and universities around the world came together at ARI for discussions on chemical ionization mass spectrometry, Instrument Development, Experimental and Sampling Methods, and Data Analysis relating to the ToF-CIMS i

ARI exhibits at 45th annual fall AGU meeting

Aerodyne Research exhibits at the American Geophysical Union 45th annual fall meeting, December 2012.  ARI displayed the Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor and the Continuous Wave Quantum Cascade Cascade Laser Mini Trace Gas Monitor.  A number of ARI scientists participated in the meeting's technical sessions.

New light shed on role of urban soot particles

A research team led by Dr. Timothy Onasch of Aerodyne Research, Inc. and Dr. Christopher Cappa of the University of California, Davis has shed new light on the role of urban soot particles in climate change. Originally published in the August, 2012 issue of Science (V.337, Pp.178-1081), this research has been highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News: "Urban soot particles may warm climate less than believed" (C&E News, V.90, N36 P.56 September 3, 2012.)

Dr. David Lewis named among the American Chemical Society 2012 National Award Winners

Dr. David K. Lewis has been named one of the American Chemical Society 2012 National Award Winners, receiving the ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution for his research and teaching at Connecticut College and Colgate University.  Dr. Lewis is an affiliated researcher with Aerodyne's Center for Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry and Center for Aero-Thermodynmics.

Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometers and their role in atmospheric research is highlighted in C&EN.

Research into atmospheric aerosol particles has accelerated in the past decade, propelled in part by advances in reliable and portable instruments from Billerica, Mass.-based Aerodyne Research.

According to Charles E. Kolb, president of Aerodyne, about 100 of the firm's aerosol mass spectrometers (AMSs) are now used around the world...

Full Article

Dr. Douglas Worsnop named to the AAAR Board of Directors for 2010-2011

The American Association for Aerosol Research is a nonprofit professional organization whose vision is to provide scientific forums and publications in all aspects of aerosol research, to encompass the diverse technical disciplines utilizing aerosol technology, and to engender aerosol research and innovation of the highest quality.

Dr. David D. Nelson elected fellow of the Optical Society of America

Aerodyne Research is pleased to announce that Dr. David D. Nelson has been elected a fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA). Dr. Nelson was recognized by OSA "for innovation in infrared spectroscopy and its application to environmental science, assessment and monitoring, and industrial process optimization and control. " Dr. Nelson has worked at Aerodyne since 1989 and is currently co-Director of the Center for Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry and Aerodyne's Vice President of Operations.

ARI featured in a new video entitled "Air Pollution"

ARI's advanced air pollution instruments, its mobile air quality laboratory and several ARI staff members are featured in a new video entitled "Air Pollution", one of 13 ~half hour videos that form the core of of a new environmental science course for high school teachers and college level instruction. The course is entitled Habitable Planet; A Systems Approach to Environmental Science and was prepared by the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics' Science Media Group with sponsorship from the Annenberg Foundation.

Dr. Douglas R. Worsnop recognized as a Fellow of The American Geophysical Union

Dr. Douglas R. Worsnop recognized as a Fellow of The American Geophysical Union. AGU has a diverse program for recognizing members and others who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the geophysical sciences, to the service of the community, and to the public’s understanding. This honor is conferred upon not more than 0.1% of all AGU members in any given year.

Dr. Dougas R. Worsnop awarded a distinguished professor position with the Academy of Finland

Dr. Dougas R. Worsnop is awarded a distinguished professor position with the Academy of Finland. The FiDiPro programme is a funding programme jointly launched by the Academy of Finland and Tekes with the aim of recruiting professor-level top researchers. The goal of the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (FiDiPro) is to raise the level of scientific and technological knowledge and know-how in Finland and add a more international element to the Finnish research system.

Dr. Barry McManus elevated to rank of Fellow

Dr. Barry McManus elevated to rank of Fellow by the Board of Directors of The Optical Society of America for the design, fabrication, and utilization of innovative tunable infrared laser instruments to address air quality and global change issues.

AAAS and Aerodyne Research, Inc. Announce 2005 Fellow

Washington D.C. – Dr. Douglas R. Worsnop of Aerodyne Research, Inc. has been awarded the distinction of AAAS Fellow.  Election as a Fellow is an honor bestowed upon AAAS members by their peers.

Benjamin Y. H. Liu Award recipients

Dr. Douglas R. Worsnop, Vice President, and Dr. John T. Jayne, Principle Scientist, are the recipients of the 2004 Benjamin Y. H. Liu Award for their achievements in atmospheric composition measurement with the Aerodyne mass spectrometer system (AMS). This award honors Benjamin Y. H. Liu for his leadership in the aerosol community and "recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol instrumentation and experimental techniques that have significantly advanced the science and technology of aerosols."

Aerodyne Research, Inc. Honored by American Meteorological Society

Aerodyne Research, Inc., a contract research and development company providing environmental measurement technologies and services, has won the 2004 American Meteorological Society (AMS) award for outstanding service to meteorology by a corporation. The award recognizes Aerodyne for “development and application of sensitive methods to measure aerosol and trace gas species critical to understanding chemical processes and transport.” The award is being presented today at the AMS 84th Annual Meeting in Seattle, Wash.

Mobile Laboratory

ARI Mobile Laboratory in Mexico City described in MIT's Technology Review

Air Quality Moniitoring

Dr. Charles E. Kolb, President, discusses improved air quality monitoring for the AIP Inside Science News Service.