Astigmatic Multipass Absorption Cells

Light-weight Astigmatic Multipass Absorption Cell – AMAC-36LW

A new lightweight (1.25 kg) 36 meter (0.3 liter volume) Astigmatic Multipass Absorption Cell, the AMAC-36LW uses the same high-efficiency multipass optical design as our AMAC-36, but with less than half the mass. A similar lightweight cell is also available with 76 meter path length, 0.5 liter volume, the AMAC-76LW.


  AMAC-36 AMAC-76
Path length 36 (18) m 76 (55)
Base path 0.20 m 0.32 m
Number of passes 182 (90) 238 (174)
Volume 0.3 liters 0.5 liters
Mirror diameter 3.8 cm 3.8 cm
Optical axis height 6.4 cm 6.4 cm
In-out half-angle 5.1 degrees 3.2 degrees
Input hole diameter 4.3 mm 4.3 mm
Dimensions exterior
30 cm
7.6 cm
4.1 kg
42 cm
7.6 cm
4.4 kg
Optical Design Astigmatic two-mirror system with central coupling hole.
Mirrors Nickel plated aluminum with broad-band dielectric coating.
Wavelength range 3 to 11 µm (actual range may be broader).
Reflectivity 99.2 %
Window material BaF2
Body materials Nickel plated aluminum, stainless steel end flanges, Pyrex tube.



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