Our main products are state of the art scientific instruments. Most of these instruments are designed to measure gases or aerosol particles in real time and with great sensitivity. We also produce a variety of technical software products.

Additional Products Overview:

Technical Software

Learn about our commercial technical software offerings. Aerodyne Research has created powerful software tools for analyzing large complex data sets using the High Dimensional Model Representation. We also develop and maintain codes for predicting EO/IR signatures from the ultraviolet to the infrared.


A real-time Cloud Optical Depth sensor that expands upon the Cloud Mode AERONET algorithm with spectral agility and high temporal resolution while also utilizing the equivalent width of the oxygen A-band to resolve the thick/thin cloud ambiguity.

Astigmatic Multipass Absorption Cells

A new lightweight (1.25 kg) 36 meter (0.3 liter volume) Astigmatic Multipass Absorption Cell, the AMAC-36LW uses the same high-efficiency multipass optical design as our AMAC-36, but with less than half the mass. A similar lightweight cell is also available with 76 meter path length, 0.5 liter volume, the AMAC-76LW.