Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements

Global climate change is driven by the accumulation of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2, CH4 and N2O) in the atmosphere. To understand the rate of accumulation and to predict and measure the effectiveness of various control proposals, measurements of the fluxes of these gases to and from the atmosphere are required. Our fast response, high sensitivity trace gas instruments enable this capability.

The TILDAS Compact Single Laser Trace Gas Analyzer is a compact, single laser trace gas monitor.  It is our smallest and most economical QC laser instrument.  The instrument can be configured to detect many trace gas species including NO, N2O, NO2, NH3, CO, CO2, CH4, HCHO, O3 and many others.  In some cases, multiple species can be detected simultaneously.  For example:  N2O and CH4 and water, N2O and CO and water, or N2O and CO2 and water.

The TILDAS Dual Laser Trace Gas Analyzer allows for the simultaneous measurement of multiple species using two multiplexed lasers.  The list of molecules includes NO, N2O, NO2, NH3, HONO, HNO3, CO, CH4, C2H4, HCHO, CHOOH, SO2, COS, O3, HOOH and others.  Choose between two versions –  one with enhanced sensitivity , the other with enhanced time response.

The CO2 Isotope Trace Gas Monitor provides real-time measurement of the isotopic ratio of 13CO2 and CO18O in ambient air samples.  Its precision is unrivalled among optical isotope monitors and approaches that of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry – but with real time results even in a field setting.