Aerodyne at Goldschmidt

Monday 26th of June 2023 01:50:49 PM

Aerodyne will be hosting a booth at the yearly Goldschmidt conference which focuses on research and advances in the geochemistry field, to be held at the Lyon Congress Center, Lyon, France. The event is organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society and is considered the primary international meeting on geochemistry.

Aerodyne Research produces laser isotope analyzers for carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. Laser isotope analyzers have great potential to complement existing isotopic instrumentation and to provide novel capabilities for some applications. Laser analyzers are often less expensive, easier to maintain and in some cases are field deployable. Our CO2 isotope analyzer is ideal for carbonate isotopic analysis featuring small sample size and easy, unambiguous detection of 17O-CO2. With a long track record of producing laser analyzers for atmospheric trace gases and aerosols, Aerodyne now introduces our laser isotope analyzers to the geochemical community.

Vincent J Hare, University of Cape Town, will be presenting a poster titled High-Precision Triple Oxgyen Isotope Analysis of CO2 by TILDAS on Tuesday, July 11th from 17:30 to 19:30 CEST in the exhibit and poster hall. The abstract was co-authored by Aerodyne President, Dr. David Nelson and Aerodyne employee Dr. Christoph Dyroff.

Stop by Booth 23 to visit with Aerodyne staff, pick up some materials or spend time exploring our interactive touchscreen presentation. To find out more about the Goldschmidt conference, visit