Aerodyne Research at IAC 2022 in Athens!

Saturday 27th of August 2022 04:37:54 PM

Aerodyne at IAC 2022 in Athens!

Aerodyne Research will be attending the International Aerosol Conference 2022 in Athens, Greece. The conference runs from September 4th-9th and will be a hybrid conference. Aerodyne will be there in person! But for those interested in listening in, there is an option for virtual registration to listen and participate in talks.

All times listed are in Athens time zone (Eastern European Summer Time GMT +3)


Talks/Presentations by Aerodyne scientists:

Tuesday September 6th 11:45 to 12:00 in MC2 Hall (Topic AH-2: Novel Metrics and Tools)

On-Line Measurements of Airborne Metals by Laser Vaporization Aerosol Mass Spectrometry in Neighborhoods with a Mobile Laboratory presented by Dr. Edward Fortner & featuring other ARI scientists.

Friday September 9th 14:55 to 15:10 in MC2 Hall (Topic AH-8: Human Exposure in Urban Environments)

Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Measurements near a Highway in Somerville, MA, USA presented by Dr. Leah Williams & featuring other ARI scientists.


ARI Posters:

Poster Session 1 on Monday September 5th from 17:00 to 19:00

ATAS-P2_048: Submicron Aerosol Spatial Variation from Mobile and Ambient Measurements by mAMS in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal 2018 by Dr. Benjamin Werden.

ATAS-P2_035: Particle and Trace Gas Emissions Indices Measured During the 2021 Boeing ecoDemonstrator Emissions Ground Test by Dr. Benjamin Nault & featuring other ARI scientists.

AMT-P1_014: Development and performance of a higher resolution Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor by Dr. Benjamin Nault & featuring other ARI scientists.

AMT-P2_029: Total Reactive Nitrogen Flux Monitor Using CAPS Detection by Dr. Andy Freedman & featuring other ARI scientists.

AMT-P1_041: Re-examination of the CAPS PMssa Monitor Scattering Channel Truncation by Dr. Andy Freedman & featuring other ARI scientists.


Talks/Presentations affiliated with Aerodyne:

Tuesday September 6th 14:30 to 14:45 in Trianti Hall (Topic ATAS-10: Chemical porfiling of organic aerosols at the molecular level)

Direct observations of oxidized organic molecules from Amazonia featuring Dr. Douglas Worsnop

Thursday September 8th 14:00-14:15 in Multipurpose Hall (Topic AMT-8: Novel Measurement Techniques II)

Calibration of aerosol nitrogen and carbon species for the Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer with total particulate nitrogen and carbon measurements featuring the Aerodyne AMS.


Posters affiliated with Aerodyne:

Poster Session 1 on Monday September 5th from 17:00 to 19:00

AT-P1_028: Novel application of machine learning techniques for rapid source apportionment of Aerosol Mass Spectrometer datasets

ATAS-P2_047: The Effect of the Averaging Period for PMF Analysis of Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements during Off-Line Applications

AMT-P2_041: Performance of New Chemical Ion Reactor (Vocus AIM) for detecting organic and inorganic trace gases

ATAS-P2_056: Parameterizations of US wildfire emissions based on FIREX-AQ aircraft measurements


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