Aerodyne Research, Inc. Honored by American Meteorological Society

Thursday 15th of January 2004 12:00:00 PM

Aerodyne Research, Inc., a contract research and development company providing environmental measurement technologies and services, has won the 2004 American Meteorological Society (AMS) award for outstanding service to meteorology by a corporation. The award recognizes Aerodyne for “development and application of sensitive methods to measure aerosol and trace gas species critical to understanding chemical processes and transport.” The award is being presented today at the AMS 84th Annual Meeting in Seattle, Wash.

Aerodyne Research, Inc. (ARI) provides research and development (R&D) services to commercial and government clients working to solve national and international problems, addressing such critical issues as global and regional environmental quality and development of clean and efficient energy and propulsion technologies. In addition to R&D services, Aerodyne designs and builds commercial instrumentation for environmental and commercial process applications.

The AMS is recognizing ARI for the development, commercialization and utilization of two instruments: aerosol mass spectrometers for real-time quantification of the non-refractory chemical composition of fine aerosol particles as a function of particle size, and tunable infrared laser differential absorption spectrometers for real-time measurements of a wide range of trace gaseous pollutants at sub-parts-per-billion levels. Located in Billerica, MA, Aerodyne was incorporated in 1970 and has 50 employees. Additional information about ARI is available on the internet at http:/

The AMS is the nation’s leading professional society for scientists in the atmospheric and related sciences. Founded in 1919, the Society promotes the development and dissemination of information on atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. The Society publishes nine scientific journals, sponsors scientific conferences, and supports public education programs across the country. Additional information on the AMS and the Annual Meeting is available on the internet at http:/