ASU Training Visit

Friday 30th of June 2023 09:05:58 AM

The week of June 19th, visitors from Arizona State University trained at the Aerodyne Research home office in Billerica, MA. Two ASU professors attended (one remotely) along with two of their students, both of whom are pursuing their PhDs.

These visitors trained on an on an LToF Vocus with PTR and AIM inlets along with a liquid calibration system (LCS) and an ARI gas chromatography system. Dr. Megan Claflin trained the group on the Vocus-CI TOF with a PTR reactor and the Aerodyne GC while Mitch Alton conducted the AIM and LCS training.

This group is first planning to use the Vocus with their PTR reactor using H3O+ to measure isoprene fluxes in the environment. They then plan to swap to AIM and use I- CIMS to measure PFAs and their decomposition products after being heated in a furnace.

The team at Aerodyne wishes Professors Fraser and Herckes, as well as their students Aidan and Gabby the best of luck with their experiments and we hope to collaborate many more times in the future.

The Aerodyne Research Team