Our main products are state of the art scientific instruments. Most of these instruments are designed to measure gases or aerosol particles in real time and with great sensitivity. We also produce a variety of technical software products.

Particle Monitors Overview:

Aerosol Mass Spectrometers

Aerodyne produces a wide variety of mass spectrometric instruments to study or monitor particulate matter. These instruments are capable of revealing both chemical composition and particle size. These include research instruments with extremely high mass resolution as well as more affordable monitoring instruments.

CAPS Particle and NO2 Monitors

Aerodyne offers three instruments based on the principle of Cavity Attenuation Phase Shift (CAPS) detection.  These instruments provide state-of-the-art sensitivity at low cost.are low cost.   The CAPS NO2 monitor provides sub-100 parts-per-trillion precision in 10 s.  The CAPS PMex and PMSSA monitors measure particle optical properties.

Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatography (TAG)

TAG system automates online sampling and analysis of condensed phase (e.g. aerosols) organic materials and eliminates the laborious sample collection, transportation, storage, and preparation process associated with filter based measurements.