Frank J. Iannarilli

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Brown University

Mr. Iannarilli serves as director of the Center for Optical Signature Recognition, and has over 25 years experience in a broad range of EO/IR systems pursuits. His principal interests are computational intelligence theory and techniques and their application to optical sensing and imaging. He conceived and designed the Aerodyne-originated Paint Map Optimizer (PMO), a computer-aided design tool for optimizing object coating schemes to engineer their conspicuity. Other pursuits involve application of random field theory to model-based object recognition, hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging for computer vision and remote sensing, and state tracking of targets in clutter. In his former military position at the AF Geophysics Lab, he directed in-flight signature measurement operations. While there, he received the 1984 USAF Research and Development Award personally from Secretary of the Air Force.