Stephen Jones

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University

Mr. Jones’ research interests include automatic target recognition, image and signal processing, and computational intelligence methods.  He has led the signal processing, performance evaluation, and optical design of infrared and visible wavelength polarimetric hyperspectral imagers for both spaceborne detection of ground targets and for remote sensing of atmospheric aerosol properties. He also worked on the hardware design, sensor control software design and developement, optical alignment and field testing of an imaging MWIR spatial modulation sensor. His other recent work includes the development techniques for humanitarian demining using IR polarimetric imaging and microwave enhanced thermal imaging and the development of computer vision techniques for an intelligent transportation system (ITS) in the visible and LWIR bands.  Previously at CPI (formerly Varian), Mr. Jones was principal investigator on several contracts for development of novel ELINT and ECCM techniques.