CAPS PMex Monitor

The CAPS PMex monitor provides a measurement of the optical extinction (the sum of scattering and absorption) of an ambient sample of particles.  Currently, there is a choice of 5 different wavelengths – blue (450 nm), green (530 nm), red (630 nm), far red (660 nm ) and near infrared (780 nm, at additional cost)  – which match the spectral bands of most other particle optical properties measurement equipment.  A multi wave instrument is also available. These instruments have a 1 second time response and provide a level of detection (3σ) less than 2 Mm-1 with 1 second integration time.  These monitors are entirely self-contained, requiring no consumables such as zero air and can be operated autonomously for over 12 months using on-board data storage if one second averaging is chosen.

Measured particle extinction at 630nm in Pasadena, CA during the CalNex campaign shown as 1 hour average values. Note the diurnal variation in extinction levels.

Measured particle extinction at 532 nm outside of Estes Park, CO shown as 1 minute averages. Note the low levels of ambient particle extinction. The spikes are particulate emissions from passing vehicles

  • Measurement of particle optical extinction using patented Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift technology with a choice of 5 different wavelengths ranging from 450-780 nm.
  • Measurement of ambient optical extinctions at the 1 Mm-1 level.
  • Climate Change Research
    Optical Properties Closure.
  • Roadside Monitoring.
  • Combustion Plume Analysis.
  • Aircraft Engine Exhaust Monitoring.
  • Choice of 1 of 5 Wavelengths:

    Near Infrared  (780 nm)

    Far Red (660 nm)

    Red        (630 nm)

    Green     (525 nm)

    Blue      (450 nm)

  • No calibration required.
  • Autonomous Operation:
  • No Zero Air.
  • Automated Background Subtraction.
  • Linear Response (0 – 2000 Mm-1).
  • Maintenance-Free.

Sensitivity (S/N =3)2.5 Mm-1 (1 s), 0.25 Mm-1 (60 s)Response Time(10-90%)< 2 sSample Flow0.85 l min-1 (volumetric flow)Operating PressureAmbientMaterials Exposed to SampleCopper, Stainless Steel and AluminumSize/WeightRack mount, 19” x 24”, 25 lbs
[61 cm x 43 cm x 23 cm, 12 kg]Electric Power50 W; 100-250 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Data OutputRS-232 (Data acqusition and instrument control software provided)On-Board Data Storage (6 GB)Download through USB Port Front Panel Display

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