Work with floating point multiband IR and color images in a simple to use interface.

ImTool is an open source image processing tool primarily intended for working with SPIRITS and PMO. However, its utility is not limited to those codes. ImTool can work with many common image and data file formats.

  • Image Viewer for floating-point pixel values
  • False- and True-color displays
  • Read in:
    • SPIRITS Facet and FPF
    • PMO-HDF
    • Agema Image
    • FITS
    • JPEG
    • TIFF
    • PNG
    • CSV
  • Combine multiple bands into single true-color image
  • Convert units, including radiances to or from temperatures
  • Edit image metadata (e.g., pixel size)
  • Output in standard graphic formats
  • Insert images from SPIRITS into background images

Installers are available for Windows and Linux systems.

Because imTool is offered as a free utility for working with SPIRITS and PMO image formats, it is completely unsupported and no warranty or guarantee is made regarding its suitability for any purpose. However, we are willing to provide custom modifications and support via contract.

Aerodyne runs a low traffic mailing list for imTool. Users may wish to subscribe to the list to receive notifications of software updates.

SPIRITS (SPectral Inband Radiometric Imaging of Targets and Scenes) is the US Government’s reference standard for EO/IR signature modeling of aircraft. It is extensively validated and widely used throughout the industry.

SWFView is a SPIRITS wireframe viewer, converter and attribute editor.  It allows the users to interactively inspect a 3D geometry model and assign SPIRITS attributes to regions of that model.