The Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force (JANNAF) model SPectral and In-band Radiometric Imaging of Targets and Scenes – AirCraft (SPIRITS-AC) is a Government-owned system of computer codes that predicts the hyperspectral electro-optical (UltraViolet, VISible and InfraRed) signatures of complete hardbody/plume aircraft configurations in the 0.2 to 25 μm spectral region. It produces spectral and in-band intensities and in-band images both at the source and at the observer. The model determines the contrast signature with the background, and it identifies signature components by their source, i.e., exhaust plume, thermal emission, reflected sunshine, reflected skyshine, reflected earthshine and secondary reflections.

The development of SPIRITS has been heavily data-driven, especially by the extensive Air Force in-flight measurement program at Hanscom AFB, MA. The selection of phenomena to include in the model largely stems from analyses of such data, and all model upgrades are tested and validated by making quantitative comparisons to data.

SPIRITS runs on Windows, Linux, and Unix systems. Source code is provided. It is run from the command line, as there is currently no official GUI. Contact Aerodyne Research for info on a free Beta-level SPIRITS GUI.

  • Susceptibility
  • Camouflage
  • Tactics
  • Coatings
  • Countermeasure effectiveness
  • Sensor effectiveness
  • Data analysis
  • Test planning

Aerodyne Research provides a number of software packages designed to assist SPIRITS users in the preparation of their SPIRITS work.

SWFView is a SPIRITS wireframe viewer, converter and attribute editor.  It allows the users to interactively inspect a 3D geometry model and assign SPIRITS attributes to regions of that model, and to group/ungroup facets from regions.

imTool is an image manipulation tool developed at Aerodyne for working with SPIRITS generated imagery.  It allows to user to obtain useful statistics on an image and prepare SPIRITS generated imagery for use in a report.  It can also import and export other image formats.

SPIRITS was developed by Aerodyne Research, Inc, and is owned by the U.S. Government and controlled by the JANNAF Signatures Panel under the Exhaust Plume and Signatures Subcommittee.  The model is distributed by the Energetics Research Group (ERG). Aerodyne Research is the Industry Coordinator, with responsibility for maintaining the model, correcting errors, and integrating upgrades.

Process to obtain SPIRITS:

  • Contact ERG to obtain the necessary forms and instructions (see contact info at top-left of this page)
    • Return signed form with registration/maintenance fee
    • ERG will verify your registration
  • ERG delivers the model, documentation, and sample runs on DVD
  • ERG also sells validated and documented SPIRITS aircraft input sets
  • Call Aerodyne Research for installation support, if needed

Note that the maintenance fee covers support of initial installation only.  Aerodyne is authorized to offer optional training and/or additional support.

  • The SPIRITS Training Course provides a complete intensive introduction to SPIRITS-AC for new users or for users of previous versions. The course lasts for four days, with a 50/50 mix of lectures and hands-on practice sessions. The course is led by Mr. John Conant, who has been Project Manager and lead designer for SPIRITS throughout its development.
  • Each participant is provided with a notebook containing a complete set of the training viewgraphs, plus a PDF copy on CD. Hands-on Sessions are held using supplied laptops, running either Linux or Windows. Snacks and lunches are provided.
  • The cost for each attendee is $2,500.00. Courses are held at the Aerodyne Research facility in Billerica, MA as needed, with a minimum of 5 attendees (not necessarily from the same organization).

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