Easily work with SPIRITS wireframe format files

SWFView is a software tool for working with SPIRITS wireframe models.  It offers an intuitive interface for working with SPIRITS wireframe models, allowing the user to identify and assign SPIRITS attributes to any region of the model.

  • Available For Windows and Unix
  • Reads faceted models formatted in:
    • SPIRITS wireframe models .wir .wxo
    • FRED ASCII fac
    • GTRI Facet file .fac
    • Wavefront .obj
    • 3D Max .3ds
    • GNU Triangulated Surface .gts
    • PMO Vertex .ver
    • STL Stereolithography .stl
  • Real-time pan, zoom, rotate, translate
  • Highlight or hide patches/parts
  • Shade by patch key values
  • Save snapshot of current display as PNG, JPEG, BMP

Because SWFView is offered as a free utility for working with SPIRITS and PMO wireframe formats, it is completely unsupported and no warranty or guarantee is made regarding its suitability for any purpose. However, we do provide custom modifications and support on a contract basis.

Installers for Windows and Linux can be downloaded from our ftp server.

Aerodyne runs a low traffic mailing list for SWFView. Users may wish to subscribe to the list to receive notifications of software updates.

SPIRITS (SPectral Inband Radiometric Imaging of Targets and Scenes) is the US Government’s reference standard for EO/IR signature modeling of aircraft. It is extensively validated and widely used throughout the industry.

imTool is an image manipulation tool developed at Aerodyne for working with SPIRITS generated imagery. It allows to user to obtain useful statistics on an image and prepare SPIRITS generated imagery for use in a report.